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Asphalt Driveway Paving

Updated: Feb 15

7 Compelling Reasons to Choose Asphalt for Your Driveway


When it comes to selecting the ideal material for your new driveway or parking lot, the choice between asphalt and concrete is crucial. While both options have their merits, we firmly advocate for asphalt due to its unparalleled benefits when installed and maintained correctly.

Reasons to Choose an Asphalt Driveway:

1. Affordability (A):

Asphalt stands out as the most cost-effective choice for driveways and parking lots, offering a significant economic advantage over concrete.

2. Strength (S):

Boasting exceptional strength and durability, properly installed asphalt ensures longevity. Choosing a reputable contractor is crucial to guarantee the material's robustness.

3. Proper Mix (P):

The secret to asphalt's durability lies not just in the material but in the mix itself. With dedicated asphalt mixers and skilled technicians, we at Wolf Paving ensure the right blend of oil and aggregates, coupled with rigorous testing for density and compaction properties.

4. Hands-on Project Management (H):

Our knowledgeable project managers guide you through every step, ensuring a clear understanding of the process from initiation to completion. We prioritize keeping our customers informed and involved.

5. Asphalt Options (A):

Recognizing that each project has unique requirements, we offer a range of asphalt solutions. Whether it's porous, permeable, or pervious pavement, we tailor our recommendations to suit your specific needs.

6. Longevity (L):

Renowned for its longevity, asphalt is the preferred choice for municipalities and is virtually permanent. Its durability makes it ideal for driveways and parking lots subjected to heavy traffic or varying weather conditions.

7. Treatment (T):

Maintaining asphalt is hassle-free, requiring regular sealcoating and crack treatment. In the event of repairs, asphalt presents a more aesthetically pleasing option compared to mended concrete.


At Texas Blacktop Paving Services, we have a deep understanding of asphalt and firmly believe it is the superior choice for most paving scenarios. If you are considering an asphalt driveway or parking lot, contact us today to explore how our asphalt solutions can best meet your specific needs.

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