Paving Contractors in McKinney : Who to hire?

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

We can help. Choosing the right driveway paving contractor is a big job and we can help. Following is a step by step guide to help you find that perfect driveway contractor.

Driveway Paving in McKinney

Paving Contractors With  Experience

Driveway Paving contractors need years of experience working in the paving field prior to becoming a contractor. We worked at a paving company for 7 years before contracting our first job. The BlackTop Paving team now has over fifty years of experience as a driveway paving contractor.

Paving Contractors With Insurance

Stuff just happens. Nobody likes to pay high insurance bills but when you need it your really glad you have it. Many contractors enter customer properties not prepared in case something goes wrong. Texas BlackTop Paving carries liability insurance as well as a performance bond. Don't hire a contractor that can't produce an insurance certificate, period.

Paving Contractors That’s Registered

Driveway Paving contractors should be registered with the Better Business Bureau in the area where they perform their work. Texas BlackTop Paving has been a registered member of the North Texas Better Bureau for over 16 years.

Texas Paving Contractors 

Ready to choose? Texas Paving Contractors meets all the requirements of a preferred contractor. Experienced, Insured and registered can meet all your driveway paving needs, guaranteed.

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